On the 10th of april 2011, Dennis James, an organ player from New York, had a concert at Mozarteum, Salzburg. Dennis James is famous for his concerts, attending silent movies with the organ.
This time, the audio department of the University of Applied Sciences was invited to become part of the concert, making live-foleys. 14 students, including me, created concepts for the four movies: the rink (1916) , the paleface (1922) , never weaken (1921) and two tars (1928).
After preparing the concepts and a lot of practice in our group, I presented the silent movie "never weaken" on the 10th of april. My implements, being used for the live foleys, were for example: a lotusflute, a snare drum, cymbals and a floor tom, a wine glass, a triangle and a pepper mill.